Woocommerce Bulk Shipment Booking & Tracking

You can now upload bulk booking in TCS, Leopards Courier, Trax, MNP, Call Courier, Swyft Logistics, BlueEx and Daewoo Fastex directly from your Woocommerce order page.

  • You can view live tracking details directly from WordPress dashboard as well as your customer can track their order within your website.
  • You can also send Tracking details to your customers via Email and Mobile number from your brand name.
  • You can also send tracking details via Email, SMS and WhatsApp.
  • 7 Days free trial available for everyone.

اب آپ پاکستان کے کسی بھی کورئیر کمپنی میں اپنی شپمنٹ بک کر سکتے ہیں وہ بھی صرف ایک کلک میں ۔ نہ سنگل بکنگ کی ضرورت اور نہ کسی ایکسل فائل کی – لائیو ٹریکنگ کے ساتھ شپمنٹ کی معلومات  اپنے کسٹمرز کو بھجوا سکتے ہیں

50% Discount Offer Expires In

All Couriers Included

Price was Rs 12000/- but now available at Rs 6000/- for limited time
Rs 6000 / 12 months
Free Trial Available
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  • Services include:
  • Bulk Booking In TCS Courier, Leopards Courier, Trax, MNP, Call Courier, Swyft Logistics, BlueEx and Daewoo Courier.
  • Live Tracking Enabled
  • Tracking Details via Email
  • Tracking Details via SMS
  • Customer Support Available
  • Official Courier API Integration
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Courier Booking Solution

Right For Your Business

  • Integration

    Bulk Shipment Booking Woocommerce plugin can be installed with any WordPress website.

  • Rest API

    We use official courier API for bulk shipment booking and live tracking for super fast response.

  • Security

    Our professional team keep plugin files updated and follows each Woocommerce updates.

  • Branded SMS

    You can also send Tracking details to customer Mobile number with your own Brand Name.

  • Pricing

    You can purchase individual courier plugin or all in one bulk booking courier solution is also available.

  • Support

    Our Professional support staffers available to guide you through the purchase process and Integration.

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